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Moar Tea! 
6th-Nov-2015 05:32 pm
So, I've now not only made an extended tea order online, I also indulged myself a bit at David's when I found their winter selection was out.

So these are the results:


Christmas Tea: It seems a bit more orange-peel flavoured than the Upton version, but definitely well within the "Yes, this is the Christmas tea I was missing" range. The orange tartness might mean I decide this is a 1/3 tsp honey tea again.

Decaf Canadian Breakfast: ON the one hand, this is basically black tea and maple, and I *have* black tea and maple syrup in the house. Also, it advertises itself as "a hint of maple', and you'd have to be one of the people I know whose sense of smell is pretty much defunct before you'd miss it. On the other, most cheap maple teas are a bit icky and unbalanced, and this is deliciously delicious. I might have to try a cup of black tea with maple syrup added on the spot and this together to see which is better. I have a feeling Canadian Breakfast might win.

Princess Blend: Rose and Raspberry. I expected the rose to cut the sweetness of the raspberry, and it doesn't, really. But it complements it beautifully. Since David's discontinued Fantasy Island before could compare the two, I can't say which is better, but this is definitely worth keeping.

Tribute Pu'erh: Better than what I had by a fair bit. And stronger. I haven't tested the assertion that most pu'erh's can stand multiple steepings and come out strong and reasonable tasting yet

Distinctly Tea

Decaf Apricot: Mmmmmm, yes. That's the stuff.

Winter Blend: Was advertised as apple and spices. Is Apple, spices and almond, giving it an amaretto-ish aftertaste. (Natural almond as far as I can tell, though, not the stuff used in maraschino cherries, which tastes the same to be but turns my mom and brothers' stomachs). Picked up as a possible "maybe related enough to Christmas tea to pass if I'm desperate". Fails on that. Good enough I'll finish what I have without it being a chore, but I probably won't buy again.


Snow Day: They didn't bring back white chocolate frost; they did this instead. So rather than white chocolate, peppermint and peppercorns, it's white and brown chocolate and peppermint. Still pretty satisfying a mix.

Cardamom French Toast: Cardamom, cinnamon, and other ingredients meant to emulate, well, as the title says. Smelled lovely, and reads like it should be up my alley. The first steep was a decided disappointment. It also steeped overlong, so I might try it again before I dismiss it.

Honeycrisp apple: Sweeter than I recalled, but really tastes more like an apple - not like apple juice, just apple - than like green tea. The tea is more background colour. A very nice drink indeed (Unless you're in the mood for green tea that tastes like green tea.)

Strawberry rhubarb parfait: Technically I haven't drunk a cup at home, but the whole reason I bought it is that I have had it, and it's a quite nice herbal.

(I also tried individual cups of the blueberry jam - too sweet and very meh - and the hot chocolate as a latte, which tasted more like hot chocolate than like tea, but since that was the point, I was satisfied. Didn't buy any for home, though.)

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12th-Nov-2015 03:06 am (UTC)
Most of those sound awesome. Any chance you're having that tea-tasting night any time soon? I mentioned it to both Brenna and Janet recently and they both like the idea too.

I thought I saw the WCF the last time I was at David's (the new one at KP), but I could be mistaken. It sounds like I might actually like the Snow Day better, though.

Edited at 2015-11-12 03:07 am (UTC)
12th-Nov-2015 03:37 am (UTC)
When I was thinking of the tea tasting I was mostly thinking of doing it with multiple plain black (and maybe green) teas, not multiple flavours. But of course, whenever you're over, you can ask to try any of the teas. (Or we can do more than one tea tasting night). The only one I'm kinda hoarding is the "mad tea party" tea, and only because I can't easily replace it until the next time someone is going to Disney.

I really like Snow Day - I haven't decided if I like it better, but it's at least on the same level. (I had White Chocolate Frost at Brenna's recently; she has some left over. So it's not all idealistic memory.)

I bought my new teas at Grant Park, but I was at KP the next day with Tammy, and stopped long enough to get the Blueberry Jam. And I don't recall seeing it.

Edited at 2015-11-12 03:38 am (UTC)
12th-Nov-2015 10:47 am (UTC)
Oh BTW, my experience so far with David's coffee pu'erh is that you can steep it at least twice, and I wouldn't put more past it. (By the way, that stuff tastes more chocolatey than any chocolate tea I've tried.)
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