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Easily Distracted By Shiny Things
Meanderings from the City of the Red Castle
Progress notes for August 8, 2014 (and some bits in the days between… 
8th-Aug-2014 12:21 am
Progress notes for August 8, 2014 (and some bits in the days between this and the last report, but not as many as should be)

Total words new or revised : +616. I have ONE more scene to add before I start delving into the places others can get taken out.
Reason for stopping: Need sleeeep. Chapter end. Also still debating structure and exact placement of scenes.
Tea: Reduced-Sugar chocolate milk.
Music: The usual playlist, just went through "Let it Go" and Stan Rogers' Turnaround. Hit the slow version of Thunder Road at almost dead on the right spot, though. That was sweet.
There's Always one more Quirk in the character: Heather did want magic before she got into this mess.
Mean Things: Serious puncture bite to the jaw.
Research: The date by which a certain cliche had become cliched, the geographical source for another turn of phrase. The timeline regarding basic knowledge of DNA.
Books I'm Reading: Elizabeth Bear - Shoggoths in Bloom, Terry Pratchett and Jacqueline Simpson - The Folklore of Discworld, Drew Hayden Taylor - Motorcycles and Sweetgrass, Terry Pratchett - Wintersmith

Inevitable Asides:

The last couple of days of Joseph have been ... extra super interesting. I think they warrant their own post, though. Because it was alternating things to laugh at and things to make me despair.

Just one example to reward those who read to the end: Joseph has been "Helping" with unloading the dishwasher for a few months now - he did it before his grandparents came, but with them, it became a big Thing for him. (More people = more dishes = more dishwasher loads). he's very meticulous, sorting by colour and size as he goes. But he's not always clear on the difference between clean and dirty (IE, he has regularly caused trouble by tryign to unload dirty dishes *while* his grandfather was loading the dishwasher).

So yesterday while I was upstairs doing a quick scrub-and-dress, he pushed a chair up to the counter below the dish cupboard, took out all the clean purple plates (both sizes) and very neatly lined them up in two rows in the dishwasher.

Everything is crossposted to DW and LJ until further notice. Post comments here or there. (Comments at DW: comment count unavailable)
21st-Aug-2014 03:53 am (UTC)
Hello there. Just a polite note to say i have added you to my F list. I hope you find my journal as illuminating. Mentioning of Terry Pratchett, i must read more of his books.
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