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Easily Distracted By Shiny Things
Meanderings from the City of the Red Castle
Lots happening with JoJo: - he's supposed to be starting 2 mornings… 
20th-Aug-2014 10:53 pm
Lots happening with JoJo:

- he's supposed to be starting 2 mornings a week nursery classes at a Montessori in relative nearness to our place. Relative means about 1/2 hour via foot or bus (Slightly more for the one, slightly less for the other. I may be getting a bike trailer finally, which will help until winter sets in. (It's easy to plot a relatively safe and quiet route there)

- he's really getting into the idea of the tantrum. He's recovered from the bedtime ones, but he still protests naps, with occasional force, and he has almost inexplicable ones when he wakes from a nap. (I open the door to his room - he's cheerfully signing or talking to himself in the dark - until he sees either the light, the open door, or me. Since 3/3 of those are things he usually prefers to siting or lying in the dark, I can only say ????)

- one of his naptime protests almost broke my nose. No really. The bruises around my eye got darker and worse since this was taken, and it was the day after. But the hospital confirmed the nose was straight, no sign of actual breakage or other alarming symptoms.

- his book on tractors (With only about 5 pages and very few words) is narrowly edging out the Very Hungry Caterpillar as his favourite book. Robert Munsch's Zoom is holding its place at third, which is impressive since it's about 4x as long, or more, than the others. but he has the majority of it memorized. Ditto for Munsch's Mortimer, which is in fourth.

- potty training is just ... oh, god. He's figured out that he should take his diaper off when it gets wet/messy, but he's still a bit unclear on almost every other part of the concept. I've resorted to starting up his music video playlist to keep him sitting long enough for me to clean up, and I still had to throw the couch cushion covers in the wash today (And significant parts of the floor have been washed and mopped.)

- The Log Driver's Waltz is his absolute favourite video right now; the one he starts asking for whenever the tv is turned on. So I really am producing a thoroughly cliched Canadian*. :)

- Fred Penner, especially this song and this animation to Singin' in the Rain's Moses Supposes are very close behind. (He also doesn't mind the actual Kelly/O'Connor tap dance from the movie.) The nice thing about all of these is that they're music I can stand to listen to on its own merits, where, other than the Munsch, I read him his current favourite books out of self defense and love of him. Of course, one can still have too much of a good thing, and I've taken to playing more of my own music videos, or trying to show him new-to-him stuff whenever I'm not trying to get things done or trying to keep him on the potty.

- We do get outdoors most non-rainy days, unless my hip is all asplody (Sunday and Monday, right when my nose was at its worst, my body decided to prove it could cause me worse pain without the outside help. Hurrah.) Today it was to a wading pool at the next-furthest out park, which kept his attention probably for the longest I've seen a wading pool do yet. He still prefers to swing and swing and swing over most other things, but if the climbing structure is less familiar to him, he at least explores it more. And when he's going to his own park, he's now pedalling himself on his trike, with only moments of assistance from Mom (Or grandma or dad). So he is getting exercise, not just sun. (And I have a total farmer tan).


*For non-Canucks, this short animation used to get shown every Saturday morning during the long commercial break between regular cartoons, along with Heritage Minutes, which were mini-history lessons. I think Log-Driver's Waltz would happen about 2-3 times a Saturday, for at least a decade, ranging from from its release in 1979, when I was about 3, to a point where people rather younger than me know about it. For all I know, it's still going...

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21st-Aug-2014 08:37 pm (UTC)
Ouch! Been there. (Including being so tired I walked into a glass door, and my glasses mashed up my nose.) Ow, ow, ow!
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