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Easily Distracted By Shiny Things
Meanderings from the City of the Red Castle
Progress notes for August early 20s, 2014 Total words new or revised… 
27th-Aug-2014 10:29 pm
Progress notes for August early 20s, 2014

Total words new or revised : +286
Reason for stopping: Stupid writing avoidance tricks.
Books I (was) Reading: Drew Hayden Taylor - Motorcycles and Sweetgrass, George MacDonald - The Princess and the Goblin, the Princess and Curdie

Progress notes for August 27 2014

Total words new or revised : +1488 to finish the last totally new scene to insert, then -1041 in revisions.
Reason for stopping: Another chapter end, bedtime.
Tea: Decaf white mocha (Morning for adding new scene), decaf apricot, watermelon-lemon soda, plain water.
Music: Usual playlist. Highlights: Rush - Bravado, Lennie Gallant - Without Love, Jars of Clay - Goodbye, Goodnight, Heather Dale - Never Quite Eden
Tyop du jour: Rustle's whispered face
There's Always one more Quirk in the character: actually, the new scene was all about characters being out of character, which was why I was daunted writing the scene.
Mean Things: unexpected rejection by friends, sorcerous mind-manipulation of several kinds, self-injury, warranted distrust, unwarranted dislike. Oh, and being stabbed to death by one's own spouse. Ish.
Currently reading: Diana Wynne Jones (Yes, one more) Hexwood.
Next on the to-read pile - Martha Wells - The Serpent Sea and the Siren Depths, Kate Elliott, Cold Steel, Joshua Palmatier - The Skewed Throne

Inevitable Asides:

Joseph had his test run at the nursery school, which is why I had nigh on 3 hours where I needed to be someplace close but not in sight in case it didn't work out (And thus ended up at a picnic table in the playground, typing away). According to her (And this sounds exactly like Joseph at home) he needs a lot of supervision. But she thinks it will be good for him.

We solved the ongoing this week problem that he figured out a way to reach his light switch (And thus had more excuse not to sleep) but, to quote facebook:

Second night in a row of checking on JoJo after he was in bed to find him naked... and a wet patch in his crib. Last time, the only other thing wet was the diaper. THIS time, it was the only other thing in the crib not wet.

Colin's question: "Is it time to break out the duct tape?"
(For the diaper, not the boy)


Also restarting practice driving. I seem to remember most of the essentials. At least, I didn't crash.

Everything is crossposted to DW and LJ until further notice. Post comments here or there. (Comments at DW: comment count unavailable)
28th-Aug-2014 01:46 pm (UTC)
Our son was another who needed lots of supervision, but nursery school was great for him. He didn't come out of the box ready to socialize like the girl did.
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