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Easily Distracted By Shiny Things
Meanderings from the City of the Red Castle
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7th-Sep-2016 11:28 pm
Yesterday's aggravation with Joseph's school.

Today, we found a letter from the school in our mailbox (Technically this probably means yesterday's mail). This is the one we should have had last week, and whose absence cause d me to call int he first place, but at least it showed, and it could as easily be the postal system as anything the school did.

Specifically, we found the letter at 10 AM. One of the things it said is that for Kindergarten, they do a meeting with the teacher this week and proper classes start next Monday.

Our scheduled meeting time? 10:45 today.

There was time enough, just, for me to shower, and because Joseph got excited to be out and about and ran most of the way there, we even arrived early.

I decided I both like and trust his teacher and the EA to handle him right. he started off resistant to going in at all, such that i didn't trust to leave him in the hallway, and I thus invaded her room and found a puzzle I knew would calm and distract him until she arrived. This didn't overly perturb her to discover, or at least she didn't indicate so, and she found him even better distractions in her designated quiet area, and they did all the right things in dealing with him (sometimes well more than I can do). Listened when I talked about his plusses and minuses, including a few quick notes.

I'm a little sad Kindergarten is only 9-11:30, though; he's done 3 hours in the Montessori he was originally at and 4 hours at his pre-K prep. I didn't want to schedule him for all day kindergarten, but I do feel he could handle an hour or so more -- well, it will be roughly twice the kids he's ever been in class with, though, and near 4 times his regular, which could make a difference. (Both Montessori and pre-K maxed out at 8, and most of this time in the latter was with 3 other kids).

(It did mean I pretty much jumped to hear from another source that his music classes can resume, now on Saturdays.)

When we were done meeting the teacher and EA, we went out to the playground for a while. Colin and Alex went home, as this playground isn't as toddler friendly as the others we visit.

A good sign; when I declared us done in the playground, Joseph tried to take me back into the school to the kindergarten room.

I took advantage to talk to the principal and the counsellor (the latter is the clueless person I spoke to on the phone yesterday) for a while, and to pretty much make sure we're all on the same page and all is well for starting him on Monday. And it is, though I still think the counsellor is at best less familiar with things under his purview than he ought to be. (I think the principal's chief crime was delegation to the person who should know his job, which I usually approve of. And she seemed fairly sensible at least.)

Anyhow, it all worked out.

Everything is crossposted to DW and LJ until further notice. Post comments here or there. (Comments at DW: comment count unavailable)
8th-Sep-2016 02:40 pm (UTC)
Very glad to see this! I was thinking about you guys yesterday.
9th-Sep-2016 02:43 am (UTC)
Thanks. Once I got the letter I was pretty sure I was coping with a molehill, but it's all so new to me, too, it's hard sometimes to judge.
9th-Sep-2016 03:22 am (UTC)
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